Construction Engineering and Management

Geotechnical engineering research for creation, maintenance and management of the social infrastructures

Based on the viewpoint of the creation, maintenance and management of the social infrastructures, our laboratory is carried out the research on geo-risk managements, overseas construction projects, and the geo-environmental preservation technologies.

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Yosuke HIGO

Yosuke HIGO

Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Topics

Geomaterials are multiphase mixtures of soil, water, air, and other materials, and their mechanical behavior is more complex than that of single-phase materials because it depends on the interaction between the phases. Therefore, we are investigating the relationship between the macroscopic deformation performance and strength properties of geomaterials by clarifying the structural changes of each phase from a microscopic viewpoint using X-ray CT technology. Furthermore, based on the physical background revealed by the experiments, we are developing a model that can precisely represent the deformation and fracture behavior of geomaterials, and developing a method to analyze and predict the deformation and fracture behavior of geomaterials under various external forces such as rainfall and earthquakes.


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Research Topics

Asset managements for rock structures

With the arrival of the maturation society, the approach of asset management for the infrastructures would be noticed in the construction field. Based on the long-range view, this tries the optimization of maintenance and renewal of the infrastructures. In this field, there is a result of proposing the technique which evaluates the life cycle cost as judgment index in the asset management considering the uncertainty on performance degradation of rock structures.

Geo-slope risk managements

The purpose of this field proposes the risk management techniques for the natural disaster represented for earthquakes and concentration rainfalls of the geo-slope and so on.

Geo-risk managements

The geo-risk managements do that the construction cost variation risk by the appearance of not possible ground condition of expecting in the prior investigation stage in the underground construction project, is quantitatively evaluated with the purpose.

Overseas construction projects

The purpose of this field proposes the fundamental policy as a necessity in order to clarify risk factor in the infrastructure construction projects as a developing country assist, and in order to establish the evaluation and management technique.

Soil and rock mechanics

On the rock mechanics, the research is advanced for the purpose of mainly grasping mechanical behavior of surface of discontinuity in the design of rock structure. In the meantime, it has been made that the ground subsidence level with groundwater withdrawal is evaluated to be a purpose on the soil mechanics.

Environmental geotechnics

IIn the coastal landfill sites, the evaluation methods, construction technologies and long-term maintenance which ensure environmental feasibility of cutoff wall using steel pipe sheet piles with the jointed sections (SPSPs cutoff wall) are complicated both experimentally and analytically. In this study, the effect of SPSPs cutoff walls in coastal landfill site on the containment of toxic substance was evaluated by seepage and advection/dispersion analysis, and the relevance was examined with respect to performance and installation condition of SPSPs cutoff walls and environmental feasibility.