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Structures Management Engineering

The primary task of our laboratory is to develop the advanced design method, the prolonging method and the environmental-load-reduction method of infrastructures by means of composite structures combining various materials including Concrete, Steel, Fiber Reinforced Polymers (FRP) and other advanced materials. 

Academic Staff

Kunitomo SUGIURA

Kunitomo SUGIURAProfessor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Topics

Research focuses on the development of fundamental and applied technologies for civil infrastructures to be safe, secure and in harmony with the environment. In specific, with regard to steel, steel-concrete composite and FRP bridge structures, the load carrying and degrading mechanism, the performance evaluation, the rational and life-cycle design in conjunction with health monitoring are studied.


Room 219, Bldg. C1, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-3320
FAX: +81-75-383-3324
E-mail: sugiura.kunitomo.4nimage_atmark.gifkyoto-u.ac.jp

Lin AN

Lin ANAssociate Professor (Graduate School of Engineering)

Research Topics

Evaluation and prediction on the environmental actions, material deteriorations and mechanical behaviors of concrete structures are being developed. Specifically, on clarifying the mechanism of chloride ingress into concrete under marine atmosphere, environmental action models and various time-dependent models of required behaviors are being constructed to simulate the long-term deterioration of concrete structures due to air-born salt.



Room 220, Bldg. C1, Katsura Campus
TEL: +81-75-383-3323
FAX: +81-75-383-3324
E-mail: an.lin.4w@kyoto-u.ac.jp