Educational Policy

Urban and Regional Development is an integrated engineering technology strives to create the urban system which is a sustainable, safe and internationally competitive infrastructure for human life.

The department focuses on 1) innovation of the information technology and the urban infrastructure, 2) disaster risk management appropriate in the highly-sophisticated information society, 3) development of the management technology for the urban infrastructure, 4) development of social infrastructure in the age of globalization, 5) establishment of the urban structure based on the theory of finite energy resources. Considering above mentioned, the department aims to actively contribute to develop the advanced urban system in the highly-sophisticated information society, and to cultivate human resources who can lead the society.

The Department of Urban Management is striving to integrate advanced information communication technology with social infrastructure technology in order to realize sustainable, safe, and internationally competitive urban systems that can ensure a high quality of life. To achieve this goal, the department aims to make advances in social analysis technology utilizing urban engineering, traffic engineering, and environmental system engineering to analyze human activities in cities. We also seek to make advances in planning technology methods such as urban planning and traffic planning to realize safe and sustainable urban systems, as well as advances in urban infrastructure relating to building foundations and rivers. Building upon the foundation of these engineering technologies, the department is working to establish methodologies and engineering techniques for the comprehensive management of urban systems, incorporating assessments of the sustainability of cities based on a cutting-edge research and an interdisciplinary perspective that embraces the social sciences and humanities. To realize these goals, the department is ambitiously striving to construct state-of-the-art urban systems for advanced information societies, and to cultivate the human resources needed to support them.