Admission Policy

i) Philosophy and objectives

The pursuit of the truth is the essence of learning.  Engineering is an academic field that impacts the lives of people, and is greatly responsible for the sustainability of social development and the formation of culture.  The Graduate School of Engineering at Kyoto University, based on the above premise, is committed to the development of science and technology with an emphasis on the fundamentals and in harmony with the natural environment.  At the same time, we aim to assist students in their pursuit of a rich education with specialized knowledge, as well as the ability for its creative application, while nurturing high ethical standards.

The graduate school aims to educate technicians and researchers at the Master’s course level to acquire a broad range of knowledge and international sensibilities and to instill highly tuned abilities for seeking out and solving problems.  At the Doctorate course, research skills are nurtured through basic and applied research and practical teachings to become leaders at the international level, able to organize research teams in innovative research fields.  To this end, the Graduate School of Engineering offers a joint Master’s and Doctorate education program, in addition to the conventional Master’s program.

ii) Desired student profiles

The Graduate School of Engineering welcomes the following

  1. Individuals who identify with the principles and objectives of the Graduate School of Engineering and possess the basic expertise and enthusiasm to pursue them.
  2. Individuals who have received the basic education required to pursue the truth on their own and have the understanding and judgment to think beyond established norms.
  3.  Individuals who have a strong desire and initiative   to  pioneer new fields of knowledge.