Entrance Examination (August Examination)

1. Subjects

(1) English ability (200 points):
assessment of the submitted TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC score certificate. Applicants who have submitted a “Statement of English Proficiency” will be evaluated through oral exam.

(2)Oral Exam I/II (800 points): 
Oral Exam I will last approximately 20 minutes and will mainly focus on the applicants'  basic  knowledge on the specialized subjects(Structural Mechanics, Hydraulics, Soil Mechanics, Planning and Management, and Earth Resources Engineering) or Mathematical knowledge. For ranges of questions for each subject and detailed information, please refer to "VII. Selection Method" on page 11-12 of the guidelines.

Oral Exam II will last approximately 10 minutes. Applicants should prepare a presentation  (approximately 5 minutes in length) on their graduation research or their current main research. In a presentation, applicants can use liquid-crystal projector and PC. An interview will be conducted for  approximately 5 minutes after presentation.

2. Venue and schedule

Applicants should take the examination at Kyoto University on August 6 or 7, 2024. More detailed instructions on the oral exam will be provided together with the examination voucher, which will be mailed to applicants after their application has been accepted.

3. Examination criteria

Applicants are graded according to the sum total of their score for English ability (200 points maximum) and oral exam (800 points maximum). Applicants whose total score is less than 500 points out of 1000 are not eligible for enrollment.