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Now is the time for you to make a choice shaping your future.
From the pop-up tool included in the brochure try to imagine the shape of a city that you would build by yourself on this land, surrounded by nature.
When you open the folded paper of the pop-up tool the plane surface of the paper is transformed into a three-dimensional city.
Our logo, printed on the lower right, is designed to convey the concept that it is us who take the initiative in the process of transforming undeveloped land into a city.
The pop-up tool conveys our message that it is you who will be responsible for the creation of new cities.


Japan is currently at a crossroad.
Now that Japan has become a major economic power, its urban infrastructure, including transportation network, water supply and sewerage, electricity and gas, and communication facilities are essentially complete. Yet, as the earthquake disaster that struck Kobe clearly demonstrated, our cities are very vulnerable to disasters. They can become flooded by heavy rainfall, or they can run short of water by persistent drought. Even now, commuter trains are nearly always full, roads are choked with cars, and the amount of comfortable walking space is limited. Where on earth will we find the space to find relief from all this?
Are the cities we live in satisfactory as platforms for human life? And are they keeping apace in an era of the global environment?
It is essential to improve the quality of cities, and reform them so that they can help to enhance the quality of our lives. It is also necessary to manage urban facilities more wisely.
Is there any doubt about this?


Urban management is an academic discipline of which purpose is to enhance urban environments.
It consists of such planning methods as city and transportation planning, such social analysis techniques as urban engineering, traffic engineering, environmental system engineering, and risk engineering, lifeline engineering for advancing urban infrastructure, urban management engineering for maintaining, managing and renewing urban facilities, methodologies for comprehensive management of urban systems, etc.
The Department of Urban Management aims to promote knowledge for realizing safe, comfortable, and sustainable cities in which people can lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

Our graduate school education program aims to bring out the individuality, diversity and creativity from all the students to the maximum extent possible.
The team of professors in the department is rich in terms of both quality and quantity, and the research environment is truly excellent. The educational curriculum can be tailored to the individual requirements of each student. In addition, the study culture assists students to form strong relationships that transcend generational boundaries. The Department of Urban Management has all of these above-mentioned advantages. However, these factors alone do not make an ideal graduate school. The most important factor is you.
We are looking for students who can work with us here at the Department of Urban Management, which was formed in 2003, to create a truly excellent graduate school. We are seeking students who have a genuine desire to reshape the world through their own efforts.
We believe that all of you aspire to a fruitful and fulfilling graduate school life.